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The calendar simplifies date entry. For example, suppose you’re entering a sale and have promised the goods to the customer on the last Friday of the month. Rather than figure out the date and enter it manually, display the calendar in a date field and click the date.
To display the calendar
Click in a date field, then either hit the ‘=’ key or press the spacebar on your keyboard to display the calendar.
To select a date using the calendar
Display the calendar and select the date you want either use the up and down arrows, click or manually enter the date you want then hit Enter.
To select a date without using the calendar
by using ‘Shift +’ to increase the existing date or the ‘-’ to decrease the existing date, then hit Enter.
by entering the number of the day you want then hit Tab. For example, if you enter ‘2’ the date will change to 9/2/2011.

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