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There are eight command centres in your AccountEdge software. The following is an illustration of the Sales command centre.
Each command centre contains a row of icons in the top section of the window. These icons allow you to switch between command centres.
The selected icon represents the current command centre, and the flowchart displayed below the icons illustrates the major tasks associated with that command centre. (For example, when the Sales icon is selected, tasks such as Enter Sales and Print/Email Statements—typical tasks you would complete in relation to sales—appear in the command centre’s flowchart.)
There are four menus at the bottom of each command centre. The options available from these menus are described below.
record and manage tasks that need your attention, such as paying invoices to take advantage of early-payment discounts, or restocking items when inventory is low.
view summary information about your accounts, sales, purchases, cards, items, payroll, and jobs.

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