Sales > Entering sales > Task 5: Complete the sale
Click Save as Recurring. In the Edit Recurring Schedule window, enter the necessary information and click Save. For more information, see Recurring transactions.
If you want to record the sale without printing it, click Record (for a sales quote, click Save Quote).
If you want to record the sale and create a purchase order, click Create PO. The quote or order is recorded and the Purchases window appears. For more information, see ‘To create a purchase order from a sale’.
Click Print and choose:
Pre-printed Invoice to use the default sales form.
Select Another Form to choose a different sales form.
Click Print and choose Preview to preview the sales form for this transaction.
Click Send To and choose Email. Review and make entries in the Email window and click Send. The email, which will include a PDF (Portable Document Format) attachment, will be sent to the Outbox of your default email software. Send the email from your email software.
Click Send To and choose Disk. In the window that appears, enter a name and location for the PDF file and click Save.

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