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Any pictures you link are copied to the Graphics folder, which is located within your company file’s folder. If you move your company file, you will need to move the Graphics folder as well.
To link a picture
Go to the Card File command center and click Cards List. The Cards List window appears.
Click the Card Details tab and double-click the picture file area. The Picture Information window appears.
Click Link. The Open window appears.
Locate the picture file you want to display for this card and then click Open. The Picture Information window appears with the selected picture appearing on the right.
Click OK. The picture appears in the Card Details tab.
To replace a picture
To remove a picture
If you want to remove the displayed picture from the Card Details tab, double-click the picture. In the Picture Information window, click Unlink, and then click OK. The picture will be removed from the Card Details tab but the picture file will remain in the Graphics folder.

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