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To reconcile your bank accounts
Go to the Banking command center and click Reconcile Accounts. The Reconcile Accounts window appears.
In the Account field, type or select the account you want to reconcile.
In the New Statement Balance field, type the closing balance that appears on the statement your bank sent you.
In the Bank Statement Date field, type the closing date that appears on your bank statement and then press Tab. Only unreconciled transactions dated on or before that date will appear.
For each entry on your bank statement, select the corresponding transaction by clicking in the select column (). The selected line is highlighted and the amounts in the Calculated Statement Balance and Out of Balance fields are updated.
Click Bank Entry. The Bank and Deposit Adjustments window appears.
Fill in the appropriate transaction details and click Record. The Reconcile Accounts window reappears.
Click Reconcile. A window appears indicating whether your account is reconciled or out of balance.
If your account is reconciled, you have the option of printing the Reconciliation report by clicking Print (recommended). Once the report is printed, the Reconcile Accounts window reappears. Click Reconcile again to complete the reconciliation process. If you don’t want to print the report, click Reconcile. The transactions you selected are considered cleared and won’t appear in the Reconcile Accounts window the next time you display it.
If your account is out of balance, the window will indicate the amount by which your account is out of balance, and will provide you with some reasons why the account might be out of balance. To correct the unreconciled amount, follow the procedure below.
To correct an unreconciled amount
did you type the correct figure in the New Statement Balance field? You need to type the closing balance from your bank statement, not the opening balance.
did you type the correct date (that of the closing balance from your bank statement) in the Bank Statement Date field? An incorrect date may prevent some transactions from appearing in the list.
If you have set the Use Audit Trail Tracking preference, you can use the Audit Trail report to search for deleted transactions. Note that for a transaction to appear in this report, you need to have set this preference before deleting the transaction.

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