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You will know if a transaction has been authorized when an Authorization Code and Trace ID appear in the Applied Payment Details window. You’ll also see that the Authorize button has been changed to a Void Authorization button. If you try to void an authorized transaction after the set period, the void transaction will be declined and you will have to process a credit transaction.
To void an Merchant Account Service transaction
Click Details to open the Applied Payment Details window.
Click Void Authorization to start the voiding process. (Once a payment has been authorized, the Authorize button no longer appears but is replaced by the Void Authorization button.)
If the void authorization has been accepted, the voided transaction will be reversed or deleted. Whether the transaction is reversed or deleted depends on whether your company file transactions can be changed. See ‘Changing a transaction’ or ‘Deleting a transaction’.
If the void authorization is declined, you will receive a message that the transaction has been declined. A void authorization will be declined if, for example, the allotted time for voiding has passed.
Click Close to close the Processed Receipt window.
If the void authorization has been accepted, the payment no longer affects the sale; the payment has been reversed or deleted. At this time, you can accept a new payment for the sale or you can reverse or delete the sale.

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