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In your software, the term spending money refers specifically to recording payments for transactions for which a purchase has not been recorded. These include equity drawings, bank charges, telephone bills, and so on. These types of payment can be entered using the Spend Money window or by selecting the Spend Money transaction type in the Bank Register window.
The Spend Money window lets you record more details about the payment and allocate the payment to more than one account. This is the procedure covered in this section. If you want to use the Bank Register window—which lets you record a payment with minimum details—see ‘Entering transactions in the Bank Register window’.
If you want to make payments to vendors for purchases entered using the Purchases command center, use the Pay Bills window or select the Pay Bill transaction type in the Bank Register window. For more information on how to pay a vendor, see ‘Paying bills’.
To record money you spend
Go to the Banking command center and click Spend Money. The Spend Money window appears.
If your payment covers more than one account, repeat step 5. You would do this, for example, when paying for a purchase with a number of different types of purchases on it: postage, magazines, stationery, etc.
Before you record a transaction, you can use the recap transaction feature (choose Recap Transaction from the Edit menu) to view the journal entries that will be created when the transaction is recorded. This is useful for confirming that the journal entries are being posted to the correct accounts.
If you want to store the payment as a recurring transaction click Save as Recurring. In the Edit Recurring Schedule window, enter the necessary information and click Save. For more information, see ‘Recurring transactions’.
If you want to preview the payment notification or check for this transaction, click Print and then choose Preview Check or Preview Payment Notification. Note that the transaction is recorded before it is displayed.
If you want to print a check or payment notification now, click Print and select the form type you want to print. Note that the payment is recorded before it is printed.
Click Record.

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