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Before you record a bank deposit, you need to post the payments to a temporary holding account (known as an Undeposited Funds account) until you create a bank deposit. To do this, select the Group with Undeposited Funds option in the Receive Money or Receive Payments windows when you record a payment.
To prepare a bank deposit
Go to the Banking command center and click Prepare Bank Deposit. The Prepare Bank Deposit window appears.
In the Deposit to Account field, select the account into which the funds selected in the Prepare Bank Deposit window will be deposited.
In the Select Receipts by field, select Payment Method.
Select the receipts you want to include in the bank deposit by clicking in the Deposit column next to them. Alternatively, if you want to select or deselect all receipts, click () at the top of the Deposits column.
In the Fees and Cash Back and/or the Adjustment for Excess Funds fields:
Type a description in the Memo field and complete other fields as necessary.
Click Record.
Click Record to record the bank deposit.

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