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You should always prepare and print W‑2 and W-3 forms before you close the payroll year and begin the new one. You should also make a point of backing up your company file after printing these documents and before closing the year. Once the year is closed, detailed payroll information is no longer available for that year and W‑2 forms and other reports can’t be printed. If you’ve made a backup, however, you can restore that backup and print the necessary documents.
To prepare new W-2 and W-3 forms
Any changes you make to a payroll tax form will appear only on the forms that you change. The data in your company file won’t be changed.
Go to the Payroll command center and click Prepare Payroll Tax Forms. The Select Payroll Tax Form window appears.
Select Federal in the Search by list.
Click Display. The Set Up W-2 Forms window appears.
If you use control numbers on your W-2 forms, enter a control number for the first W-2 in the Print Control # starting with field. This number will automatically increment each time you prepare W-2 forms.
The amounts in most of the boxes on the W‑2 will automatically be entered for you. However, information in boxes 10–14 may or may not be needed, depending on your company’s reporting requirements.
Select a box name in the W2 Boxes list.
Enter a code in the Box 12/14 Code column, where applicable.
When you select a category, a mark appears in the Select column next to that item. If you need to deselect an item, click it again.
If you need to change the amounts or categories on individual forms, you can do this later.
Click OK. The Set Up W-3 Forms window appears.
Click OK. The W-2 Wizard appears.
Click Next. The State & Local tax items step of the wizard appears.
Select the items that are State taxes or Local taxes, and then click Next. The Checklist step of the wizard appears.
Read the steps that you will need to perform, and then click Finish. The Payroll Tax Forms - W2/1099 Preparer window appears.
Click the header of a column highlighted in yellow. (Until they have been linked to a box in Form W-2, these headers usually display the title <undefined>).
In the drop-down list that appears at the top of the column, select the appropriate W-2 box to which data in that column should be linked. You can link to boxes 8, 10, 11, 12 and 14.
When you select a box, the Payroll Tax Forms program will extract amounts for each employee from the data in your company file and enter any missing data into the appropriate cells in that column.
Consult your accountant or refer to the instructions provided with Form W-2 and Form W-3. If you don’t have instructions for these forms, you can obtain them from the Internal Revenue Service website.
To rename a column that you have just linked, double-click on the current column title in the bottom row of the header to open the Rename Column dialog. Enter the new name in the field provided.
If any columns are not needed in your W-2s, select the column, go to the Edit menu, choose Columns and then choose Hide. The column is removed from the view and the data in that column won’t display or print on the completed forms.
Click Next Step and complete the task described at the top of the window. Continue to work through the steps by clicking Next Step after completing each task.
When you have completed the setup process, the Process W-2 Filing Wizard appears.
Click Next. Enter your company information and then click Next.
Select whether you want to eFile the forms or print them only. Depending on the method you select, you also need to select the type of form you want to print (eg Employer Copy or Employee Copy).
Click Next. Check that a State Taxpayer ID has been entered for each state and then click Next.
Read the on-screen confirmation, and then click Finish. The Payroll Tax Forms - W2/1099 Preparer window appears.
If you have chosen to eFile the forms, the Aatrix eFile Login window appears after you have printed all of the forms.
Enter your eFile User ID and Password and then click Login to enter the Aatrix eFile System. Follow the on-screen instructions to file the form.

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