Setting up your company file > Set up preferences
Customize Easy Setup Assistant. This assistant guides you through setting up some key preferences. To access the assistant, go to the Setup menu, choose Easy Setup Assistant and then click Customize.
Preferences window. This window lists all of the preferences. To view this window, go to the Setup menu and choose Preferences.
Use Audit Trail Tracking  If you want to keep a record of transactional, tax, account, and system changes, select this option. This is useful if more than one person will be entering transactions into your file. For more information about audit trail tracking, see Auditing your records.
Transactions CAN’T be Changed; They Must be Reversed  If you don’t want to allow users to edit or delete transactions, select this option. If they want to change or delete a transaction, they will need to do so by recording a reversal transaction. For more information, see ‘Reversing a transaction’.

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