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You may recall that you entered your opening stock quantities in the Count Stock window when you set up your company file.
You can also use the Count Stock window to make adjustments to item quantities during regular stock counts or any time you find discrepancies between the actual quantities of items on hand and your records of those quantities.
Count the actual items in your stock. You can print the Stock Count Sheet report, which lists all your stock items, and manually record your actual items on this.
You can print the Stock Count Sheet either by clicking Print in the Count Stock window or, if you want to set filters, from the Index To Reports window.
To record a stock count
Go to the Stock Control command centre and click Count Stock.
Click Print to print the Stock Count Sheet.
In the Count Stock window, enter the actual quantities of the stock items in the Counted column. If an item is held in multiple locations, enter the stock held at each location.
Click Adjust Stock. If there are differences between on-hand and counted values, the Adjustment Information window appears.
You can specify a default adjustment account for tracking the adjustments you entered in the Count Stock window. This saves you having to enter an account on every line of the stock adjustment.
Click Continue. The Adjust Stock window appears, displaying a line item for each adjustment you entered in the Count Stock window in step 1.
If you entered a default adjustment account in step 6, that account appears in the Account column for each line item.
[Optional] Enter a reason for the adjustment in the Memo column (for example, Annual Stock Count 2007).
Click Record to update your stock.

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