Bounced check letter

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Use this letter template for customers whose payment checks have been returned to you marked "NSF" (non-sufficient funds).

Clearwater International
123 Elm Street
Parsippany, NJ 07860


John Smith
Smith Engineering
123 Main Street
Parsippany, NJ 07860

Dear John:

Your bank has returned your check, number 5001, for $1,000 to us. The bank indicated that your account doesn't have sufficient funds to pay the check.

In order for you to keep your account with us in good standing, it's important that you make payment within 3 days. We ask that you use the enclosed envelope to make your payment., and we ask that you make your payment using a certified check, money order or cashier's check. (If the overdraft occurred because of a bank error, please simply send a replacement check.)

If you're unable to make a full payment or if you have questions about the returned check, please call immediately. We will work with you, if need be, to find a solution that allows you to keep your good credit standing with us.


Mark Lee
Vice President

Bounced check letter