Using the MYOB Backup command


The MYOB AccountEdge Backup command creates a backup file of the company file you're currently using and compresses it to a smaller, more manageable size.

During the backup process, you also have the option of backing up your Forms folder with custom forms, your Custom folder with custom reports, your Spredsht folder with spreadsheets, your Letters folder with letter templates and your Graphics folder with graphics (if applicable), along with your company file. You don't have to back up custom information as often as your company file, so you can back up your company file only, if you prefer.

When you make a backup using the MYOB Backup command, the backup is created in a folder named "Backup' This folder is displayed automatically in the box that appears when you use the Backup command. You can change the location if you wish; however, you should make a note of the name and location of the backup so that it will be easy for you to find the file if you want to restore it later using MYOB AccountEdge.

Verifying the company file

As a part of the backup process, you'll be asked if you want to verify your company file. We recommend that you verify your data regularly before you back up your company file. By checking your company file for errors, data verification can catch minor inconsistencies in your company file before they cause serious problems.

Single-user access required

Making a backup requires single-user access to the company file; in other words, only one person can use this company file when a backup is being performed. If other people are using the company file, they must close the company file -- either by exiting AccountEdge or by opening a different company file -- before you can continue. To see which users currently have the company file open, choose Active Workstations from the File menu.

AccountEdge Network Edition: Back up using the host computer

We also recommend that you use the AccountEdge Network Edition software on your host computer to back up your company files. Although it is possible to back up a company file using a workstation, it will most likely take a great deal longer to do so. Using the host computer for this process will also avoid problems that could arise from possible service interruptions in your network.

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