To pay a vendor using the Bank Register

Purchases > Paying bills > Entering Pay Bills transactions using the Bank Register > To pay a vendor using the Bank Register

The Bank Register window should be displayed. (To find the Bank Register window)

The Bank Register offers a streamlined method for recording payments. It applies payments to your oldest outstanding purchases automatically. If you need greater control over how the payment is entered, click the Split button to display the Pay Bills window, where a more detailed entry can be made.

If this vendor requires payment in a foreign currency, you must use the Pay Bills window for this transaction.

  1. Select the bank account that will be used to make the payment.
  2. In the Type field, select Pay Bill if the bank account you selected is an asset account (checking account) or Pay Vendor if the account is a liability account (credit card account).
  3. Review the check number and transaction date and change them if necessary.
  4. Using the Card field, select the vendor's card.
  5. Enter the amount paid.

  1. Enter a short, descriptive comment in the Memo field if you like. This information will appear on a number of reports.
  2. Click Record.

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