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After you record a bill payment, you might want to view the transaction again sometime in the future. MYOB AccountEdge allows you to easily find the bill payments you've entered into the system.

You can also quickly remove the effects of a bill payment from your records or change a bill payment. An important point to consider is if the bill payment is changeable or unchangeable. If the transaction is changeable, you can make changes or delete the payment altogether from your ledger.

Unchangeable transactions work differently. By reversing an unchangeable bill payment, the effects of the original payment will no longer be part of your ledger; however, a record of the reversed payment, called a reversing transaction, will remain. Then, if you want, you can enter a new, correct transaction to replace the transaction you reversed. See What are changeable and unchangeable transactions? for more information.

If you notice a problem with a bill payment you've already applied to a purchase, be aware that you can't simply change the payment. You'll need to delete or reverse the payment first, then re-create and re-apply the payment.

You can also use the Bank Register window to view a complete transaction history for a selected date range a selected account and open the source window of each transaction for more detailed information.

If a discount for early payment was included with the payment, you'll complete an additional step when deleting or reversing payments; you'll also delete or reverse the discount transaction.

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