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When you use the Spend Money window, you'll select which checking account you want the money to be drawn from. The Account list in the upper left corner of the Spend Money window displays all the Detail Checking and Detail Credit Card accounts you've set up.

Only accounts you've specifically designated as checking accounts or credit card accounts appear in the list. If you want a particular account to appear in this list, you'll need to create the account first. See Creating accounts for more information.

You can also use the Bank Register window to enter bill payments. See Entering Pay Bills transactions using the Bank Register for more information.

If you wish to report payments to vendors for inclusion on a 1099 statement, select how you wish to report the payments by choosing from the list of categories in the Report Payments on 1099 as: field of the Buying Details view of the Card Information window. See Setting up a vendor card to track vendor payments on a 1099 statement

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