To print checks

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The Forms Selection - Print Checks window should be displayed. (To find the Forms Selection - Print Checks window)

  1. Choose the account whose checks you want to print and enter the number of the first paper check that's loaded in your printer.
  2. Mark Unprinted Checks Only if you want to print only the checks you haven't already printed. Unmark the selection if you want to reprint checks.
  3. Enter dates and check numbers if you want to restrict the list of checks you want to print.
  4. Select the form you wish to use for your checks. Click OK.
  5. The transactions you selected in the Forms Selection window are listed. (Click the zoom arrow next to the transaction if you wish to view the original check transaction you entered.)

  1. Click Print. Depending upon how your computer is set up, the first form may begin to print immediately, or a print window may appear on your computer screen. If a print window appears, make your selections in the window, then click the button in the window that begins the printing process. (The button is usually labeled "OK" or "Print.")

Note: If you can't make entries in your print selection window

If you're unable to make entries or selections in your print window, your printer driver software may not be up to date. See Checking your Macintosh printer driver software for more information about printer drivers.

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