Time Billing

Use these topics to create activity records and invoices for time-based services.

Creating and managing time billing activities

Time billing activities are records of the tasks or services you offer to all of your clients. You can create an activity record for any service you provide -- consulting, photocopying, even travel to and from the client's location. These activities are the generic building blocks you'll use to create the time billing invoices you'll send to your clients.

Activities may be billable or non-billable, allowing you to track all the expenses for any particular project, including those you don't expect to recover. For billable activities, you can set a standard billing rate for the activity, or use a billing rate associated with the employee or vendor providing the service, making it easy to charge a premium for work provided by your most skilled employees.

Creating and managing activity slips

Activity slips are records of the work a particular employee or vendor has done on behalf of a client. Activity slips include information about the amount of time spent on the activity and the rate at which the activity is to be billed, if applicable. Activity slips provide important historical and analysis information, and they are the basis for creating the time billing invoices you'll send to your clients.

Billing for time

Use the topics in this section to create time billing invoices for your clients.

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