To customize the check form

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Note: An entire check form has two parts

An entire check form has two parts-the check form and the stub form. To customize the entire check form, you'll need to perform two separate tasks: customize the check form and customize the stub form.

  1. Open the check form you want to modify using the Customize window. (See Opening a form in the Customize window if you need to learn how to do this.) Notice that only the fields for the check, not for the stub, appear in the window
  2. Open the Form menu at the top of your computer screen; notice that the Check Layout command is selected. This indicates that you're currently viewing the layout for the check form only.
  3. Customizing the check form is the same process as customizing any other form: you can move, activate and inactivate data fields and add, remove and change the characteristics of text fields, lines, rectangles and pictures.

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