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Each of MYOB AccountEdge's forms is unique in the information it provides and the specific layouts it reflects. Depending upon the needs of your business, the forms that are already set up when you begin using AccountEdge may fully serve your needs.

Note: Decide whether you need to customize the form

AccountEdge provides an extensive set of well-designed form layouts so you can begin printing professional-looking documents immediately. This set of forms is designed to print properly on MYOB software-compatible business forms. If the AccountEdge form layouts match your preprinted forms, you don't need to customize your forms.

If the preprinted forms you currently use don't match the form layouts provided in AccountEdge, you'll need to customize the form layouts for each form that doesn't match your preprinted forms.

You may, however, occasionally find the need to make changes to specific forms to better accommodate your business needs. You can modify the look and content of individual forms in many ways. You can choose the types of information you want on your forms, design the way you want your forms to look, add graphics to enhance the appearance of your forms, change fonts and styles, draw lines and shapes, and select the size of the paper you'll print your forms on. In other words, there's little you can't do if you're customizing your forms.

For example, if you want the invoice number to print in two places on your invoice, you can copy the invoice number data field and paste a second invoice number data field to the invoice.

Another example: If you inadvertently delete the invoice number data field from your invoice form layout, you can copy that field from another invoice form and paste it onto the customized invoice.

Note: If you've created custom forms using a previous MYOB product

If you've created custom forms using a previous MYOB product, you may not be able to display and print them using MYOB AccountEdge Version 3. Because of the addition of new forms fields, changes of field names or changes to the length of information that will be displayed and printed for a field, you may need to recustomize those forms.

Idea: Don't waste your forms!

After you're satisfied with the changes you've made to your forms, consider printing some alignment forms to verify that the changes you made align correctly on your printer. Print alignment forms by clicking the Print Alignment button in the Forms Selection window.

When you're printing alignment forms, though, don't waste the valuable preprinted paper forms you normally use; use plain paper instead. You should be able to easily compare the alignment text on the plain paper with a preprinted form. For more information, see To print an alignment form.

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