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In MYOB AccountEdge, forms are documents that you'll often use in your day-to-day business. Usually, forms are used to track transaction activity, such as the sales and purchases you make. Typical forms include sales, purchases and checks. In AccountEdge, administrative documents such as mailing labels and personalized letters are also considered forms.

AccountEdge provides you with a great deal of flexibility as you work with forms. You can choose to print a form on plain paper or you can choose to purchase a pre-printed paper form; the choice is yours. You can choose the type of form and the range of dates and transaction numbers you wish to print, and you can choose to customize the look of a form so it uses the text styles you prefer.

Idea: Get ready to print forms

Before you begin working with and printing your forms, we suggest that you review "Choosing preference settings for reports and forms" on page 692.

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