What are changeable and unchangeable transactions?

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In MYOB AccountEdge you can record transactions which are changeable or unchangeable. That is, you can choose to edit and delete transactions in your company file or you can choose to maintain a comprehensive history of all transactions you enter in your company -- in other words, you can keep a strict audit trail.

MYOB provides a security preference which you can use to set your transactions as changeable or unchangeable.

Changeable transactions are transactions that can be edited and deleted. If you notice a problem with a transaction, the transaction can be changed or completely removed from your company file if your transactions are changeable.

If your accountant has advised you to make necessary changes to your transactions, you'll turn the security preference off.

Unchangeable transactions are transactions that, after recording, can only be reversed; unchangeable transactions can't be edited or deleted after they've been recorded. If you notice a problem with a transaction, you'll record a reversal of the transaction that removes the effects of the original transaction from your records and then, if you want, create and record a new transaction.

If your accountant requires that you maintain a strict audit trail of your accounting records, you should consider turning on this preference.

To learn if your transactions are changeable or unchangeable, choose Preferences from the Setup menu, then click the Security tab.

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