To set up a vendor as a 1099 vendor

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  1. The first step depends upon whether or not you plan to use AccountEdge to track payroll transactions for your employees.

    1. Choose Easy Setup Assistant from the Setup menu. The Easy Setup Assistant window appears.
    2. Click the Payroll button and follow the guided steps to set up payroll.

    1. Choose Load Payroll Tax Tables from the Setup menu.
    2. Click Load Tax Tables to load the payroll tax tables. (For 1099 purposes only, any date for the tax tables is usable.)
    3. Choose General Payroll Information from the Setup menu to open the General Payroll Information window.
    4. Enter the current payroll year in The Current Payroll Year field and then click OK.
  1. Find the vendor card for the vendor you wish to set up as a 1099 vendor. If you need help doing this, see To find a card.

  1. Click the Buying Details tab to open the Buying Details view of the Card Information window.
  2. In the Report Payments on 1099 as: field, select the 1099 category that you wish to report for this vendor.
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