To find a General Journal entry

If you haven’t already read the General Journal Entries Overview, see Finding, changing, removing and reversing General Journal entries for more information.

Finding Transactions

  1. Click the Inquiry Registers button in the General Ledger Command Center to display the Inquiry Register window. Select the Account tab if it isn't already selected.

Note: Finding a transaction in the13th period

If you’ve entered a transaction into the 13th period by entering an asterisk (*) in the Date field before you entered the transaction, to find the transaction, place an asterisk before the date when you search for the transaction. For example, if you’re searching for a general journal entry using the Account view of the Inquiry Registers window, be sure to enter an asterisk before the date in the Dated From and To fields.
  1. You have two choices:
    • Use the Search By selection box to choose another way to search—All Accounts or Account.

    • Click the Advanced button to search using additional criteria, such as the date, amount or memo.

  2. The transactions recorded for the selected account(s) appear in the scrolling list in the Inquiry Register window.
  3. The transaction you're looking for should appear in the scrolling list. If you want to view detail about the transaction, click the zoom arrow next to the transaction's ID number to open the window in which the transaction was originally entered.

To find a General Journal entry

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